AUDITIONS: October 4th 7:15-8:15pm

Thursdays 7:15-9:15pm  

October 25 - December 6,2018

January 3 - January 31, 2019

**This is NOT a drop in program, only registered dancers will be admitted **


It is recommended to register with a partner.  When looking for a partner, remember to include work ethic and dedication in your criteria. 

You MAY audition as a solo dancer, if you pass auditions, you will be placed on a wait list for a partner.  


Choreography:  The choreography component is a total of 24 hours of commitment.  We will be training 2 hours/per week each Thursday.  Note: there is a scheduled break between December 13-27th.  The membership fee covers this time period.

Rehearsals:  Rehearsals move fast, so you need to be prepared to attend all scheduled rehearsals.  If you have to miss, you will need to schedule a private lesson to make up the material missed.  The cost of a private lesson is $68.25/session.

Practice:  It is recommended that you set a personal practice schedule in addition to rehearsal time.  This will help you solidify material learned, and position you for new material the following week.  It is recommended to set aside an hour/week.

Post Choreography Component:  Your JT Swing Team Membership covers the 24 hours of choreography and expires January 31st, 2019.    

Extended Team Membership Requirement:  We will continue to polish and run the routine thru the months of February & March between 7:15-8:15pm.  The extended membership fee is mandatory and is $50.00/person/month.

Performance Attire:  You will be required to purchase a JT Swing Team Edmonton Shirt.  Cost of the shirts is dependent on the number of shirts being purchased.  Performance attire is a team shirt, black pants and black footwear.

Performances:  Local performances will be planned at season end (March, 2019). 

JT Swing Team Membership Dues
Monthly Payment Option
$100/Person/Monthly (payment dates will be provided to you)

Full Payment Option
$500/Person (Payment for full season on October 15th)

Split Payment Option
$275 (Oct 15) & $275 (Dec 1)

JT Swing Team Extended Membership Dues

$50.00/Person (Feb 1, March 1)

To register for an audition, please send an email to

To complete your registration for JT Swing Team - Edmonton you will be asked to send a $50.00 deposit.  If you are accepted to the team, the payment will be applied to your first payment in October.  If you are not, the payment will be refunded to you.

Deposit or payment options include:  PayPal, Credit Card, E-Transfer, Cheque or Cash

If you have any other questions, please email me directly at:

What is JT Swing Team?

JT Swing Team is an initiative created by 11 time World Champions Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollman.  Over their careers, they've learned a ton through doing choreography; the JT Swing Team project is a way for them to share their knowledge through choreographies they create, with dancers all over the world.

As members of the Global JT Swing team community, we're in excellent company with teams in the US, Asia, Central America and Europe.  As an approved JT Swing Team Leader,  I will be directing this seasons choreography created by Jordan and Tatiana.  As a new team, we will be learning and performing the Jr. Varsity Level Choreography which is rated as Novice/Intermediate Level.

It is my goal to give our Edmonton community a boost to the next level by developing our technical and performance skills, by creating a team mentality, sharing our love of West Coast Swing with a growing community of dancers...and have a blast while we're doing it!

Check out the choreography from a couple of season 1 
JR. Varsity  and Varsity teams!

Our Philosophy: Learn 'To' Dance 

All of our programs are designed to teach dancers the fundamentals of any partnered dance form.

Throughout our sessions, we target  

partnered and individual dance skills,  with technical focus style specific techniques.

Our Programs:  Learn 'A' Dance / Grow 'A' Dance

Learn 'A' Dance
Learn 'A' Dance sessions focus on specific dance styles - each session introduces the style basics, root patterns and simple variations.  Here we learn the 'rules of the dance'.

Grow 'A' Dance

Grow 'A' Dance sessions are for those who have a solid understanding of and ability to demonstrate the basics and 'rules of the dance'.  At this level, we develop techniques and explore more complex partnering, connections and variations of a given style.

Bonnie Doon Community Hall

​9240-93rd Street, NW

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WINTER/SPRING 2019

Offering classes for absolute beginners through to experienced dancers!  See below for a listing of current & upcoming classes & workshops:​

MONDAYS 7:15 - 8:15 pm

West Coast Swing - Learners

MONDAYS 8:15 - 9:15 pm
West Coast Swing - Growers

TUESDAYS 7:15 - 8:15 pm
East Coast Swing - Beginner/Novice

Waltz - Beginner/Novice

Rumba - Beginner/Novice

Foxtrot - Beginner/Novice

TUESDAYS 8:15 - 9:15 pm

Quickstep -  Novice/Intermediate

East Coast Swing - Intermediate

Rumba - Intermediate



Tuesdays 7:15-9:15 on May 21 & 28

$40/Person or Inc. with Unlimited Dance Pass