​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WINTER/SPRING 2019

Offering classes for absolute beginners through to experienced dancers!  See below for a listing of current & upcoming classes & workshops:​

MONDAYS 7:15 - 8:15 pm

West Coast Swing - Learners

MONDAYS 8:15 - 9:15 pm
West Coast Swing - Growers

TUESDAYS 7:15 - 8:15 pm
Tango - Beginner
Samba - Beginner
East Coast Swing - Beginner

Waltz - Beginner

TUESDAYS 8:15 - 9:15 pm
Viennese Waltz  - Intermediate
Samba - Intermediate

Quickstep - Intermediate

East Coast Swing - Intermediate

Our Philosophy: Learn 'To' Dance 

All of our programs are designed to teach dancers the fundamentals of any partnered dance form.

Throughout our sessions, we target  

partnered and individual dance skills,  with technical focus style specific techniques.

Our Programs:  Learn 'A' Dance / Grow 'A' Dance

Learn 'A' Dance
Learn 'A' Dance sessions focus on specific dance styles - each session introduces the style basics, root patterns and simple variations.  Here we learn the 'rules of the dance'.

Grow 'A' Dance

Grow 'A' Dance sessions are for those who have a solid understanding of and ability to demonstrate the basics and 'rules of the dance'.  At this level, we develop techniques and explore more complex partnering, connections and variations of a given style.

Bonnie Doon Community Hall

​9240-93rd Street, NW

This might be one of my very favorite podcasts - a must listen to for any dance enthusiast!

The History of West Coast Swing

Unlimited Class Pass

Unlimited class passes ARE BACK!

Purchase a 6 week unlimited class pass for $180.00 inc GST.  If you attend 3 classes/week you'll save $60.00!  Attend more and the savings go up.   

  • WINTER SESSION PASSES :  valid thru JANUARY 7 - FEBRUARY 12, 2019 

  • SPRING SESSION PASSES:  valid thru FEBRUARY 25 - APRIL 2, 2019

Note:  It is recommended that you attend classes that are at your dance level OR below.  

Our instructors and assistants teach to the level of the class and will not be able to give extra attention to students who are out of their range of knowledge or ability.

Pass holders must still REGISTER in their chosen classes.



A good posture is key to developing good dance form.  It's important in all activities and something we can all work on everyday. Check out this article for tips and exercises.



Hello Dancers!  Our 2019 Winter & Spring schedules are up & open for registration. 

​Looking for a great gift idea?   How about the gift of dance?  Private Lessons or Group Classes - Gift Certificates are available.  Contact us for more details!


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