​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WINTER/SPRING 2019

Offering classes for absolute beginners through to experienced dancers!  See below for a listing of current & upcoming classes & workshops:​

MONDAYS 7:15 - 8:15 pm

West Coast Swing - Learners

MONDAYS 8:15 - 9:15 pm
West Coast Swing - Growers

TUESDAYS 7:15 - 8:15 pm
East Coast Swing - Beginner/Novice

Waltz - Beginner/Novice

Rumba - Beginner/Novice

Foxtrot - Beginner/Novice

TUESDAYS 8:15 - 9:15 pm

Quickstep -  Novice/Intermediate

East Coast Swing - Intermediate

Rumba - Intermediate



Tuesdays 7:15-9:15 on May 21 & 28

$40/Person or Inc. with Unlimited Dance Pass

Our Philosophy: Learn 'To' Dance 

All of our programs are designed to teach dancers the fundamentals of any partnered dance form.

Throughout our sessions, we target  

partnered and individual dance skills,  with technical focus style specific techniques.

Our Programs:  Learn 'A' Dance / Grow 'A' Dance

Learn 'A' Dance
Learn 'A' Dance sessions focus on specific dance styles - each session introduces the style basics, root patterns and simple variations.  Here we learn the 'rules of the dance'.

Grow 'A' Dance

Grow 'A' Dance sessions are for those who have a solid understanding of and ability to demonstrate the basics and 'rules of the dance'.  At this level, we develop techniques and explore more complex partnering, connections and variations of a given style.

Bonnie Doon Community Hall

​9240-93rd Street, NW

I'd like to share my story with you guys. I started Dance Evolution in 2012 with two very clear intentions that evolved from my experience.

The first intention was to help dancers connect on the floor. 

In the beginning, I started running practice sessions because all of my teaching had become private lesson based and I missed the social aspect. It quickly became evident to me at my dance practices that dancers from different schools & communities were lacking communication & connection on the floor. This was a big eye opener for me! I had spent the first 10 years of my teaching in a studio environment and really didn't see dancers from other schools dance together all that often. Schools tend to 'stick together'.

When students started pushing me to teach group classes; I decided that the goal would be to help all dancers become better communicators. I also started asking people what they wanted to learn, and if I couldn't teach that style, I would find them someone who would. That became my second intention: to expose dancers to the various dance communities in Edmonton. 

I feel diversity is what makes life (& dance) interesting - I love to dance & I want everyone to feel AS amazing on the dance floor as I feel! Each style of dance brings something unique & special and not all styles resonate with everyone. I hope to help people discover 'their dance(s)' and feel amazing too!

That's my story - as a teacher I've always focused my ballroom training from a place of information sharing. Over the last year I've discovered several new styles & it has evolved my personal dancing beyond anything I could ever have imagined! I am now training with various coaches in different genres so I can help bring that kind of experience to my students. Teaching my classes from a place of truly understanding different styles & what they bring to the floor & dance relationship changes everything!

I also feel that community is critical to achieving that level of experience for dancers. I feel if all the various dance communities in Edmonton work together we can facilitate magic for all dancers. 

Edmonton is growing a beautiful dance scene & I'm so thrilled to be a part of that 

It's been an amazing first year  - thank you to all the dancers & Edmonton's awesome dance communities!

Monika (June, 2012)

Monika Holub (Owner/Instructor)

Monika has committed to a career as a dance teacher.  Having completed her Bachlor of Arts in 2007, Monika knew she wanted to help people - and felt utterly blessed to have the opportunity to do so as a full-time dance instructor. Having spent 14 years immersed in the art of Ballroom and Latin Dance, over half of which involved regularly training with internationally renowned experts in the field ballroom & body movement, Monika developed a solid foundation as a teacher and dancer. 

More recently, Monika feel in love the more social side of dancing, and began her heated affair with West Coast Swing, Blues and Argentine Tango. These forms inspired a deep desire for connection and freedom in all dances, with all people.

Monika maintains a wonderful relationship with various dance communities in Edmonton, and has been tagged the local 'go-to-girl' for dancers of all genres for dance 'happenings' and 'hot spots' in our city!

Today, she is developing and delivering a new method of instructing social dance - and hopes to start Edmontons' dance-r-e-volution!

Instructor Bio 

What is Fusion?

Like dance, the concept of dance fusion is ever evolving.

By definition, fusion is the melting together of forms.  This can be understood as combining different dance styles (ie: west coast swing and argentine tango) or as the fusing of two individuals in a dance. It can also be applied to music, as in the

blending for musical styles such as hip  hop and jazz.

Fusion is a method of teaching
Priority in the fusion teaching method is placed on connections and communication between dancers.  Patterns or elements are taught in a way that truly results in  non-verbal dance floor conversations. Musicality is taught in terms of expressing rhythms, layers & flavour.


Fusion is a method of learning
Learning from a fusion perspective is dynamic.  It creates an awareness of the physical and psychological  components of partnered dance.


Fusion is a method of dancing
Dancing fusion can be categorized into 4 categories:  mixing forms in a given dance; or the fusing of two individuals in a given dance; or the expression to music which is by definition fusion based (blending of musical styles).  Lastly, it can be all of the above or a combination of any.

Dance Evolution - Our Story