​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​West Coast Swing Classes 

West Coast Swing Classes are broken into  2 levels:  Learners & Growers

What is the 'Learners" level?

It is a series of 5 developmental 6 week sessions targeting various skills required for west coast swing.

Each 6 week session is designed to develop individual and partnered skill sets.

You can dive in at the start of any of the sessions. 

What is the 'Growers' level?
The 'Growers" series is where we really start to apply strategy to our WCS. 

We have developed enough skills and thru repetition and practice we have built a strong enough foundation to start getting creative!

Focus is on musicality, partnering, personal styling with more intricate variations.

The growers series material changes with each 6 week session.